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Agnes the Anglerfish Porcelain Vase


If you don't already know of the infamous Agnes the Anglerfish, let me introduce you.

She's a bit of a grump, and is only really happy when-

⚪ She's got a cuppa and is eating a nice custard cream, watching re-runs of Blind Date with Cilla Black.


⚪ Derek her boyf fuses to her body, loses his own organs and becomes a sexual parasite, providing sperm for her on demand.

Agnes has been reimagined in vase form, true to her original design, with added 24k gold leaf lure and glowing lure.

The vases have 24k gold lustre on their tails and fins, little pink cheeks, and are glazed inside.

As you can see from the images, Agnes vases have long teeth and a lure which you should treat with care to prevent any breakages.

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