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Shaggy Inkcap Mushroom light sculpture

Shaggy Inkcap Mushroom light sculpture

This absolutely stunning piece features a delicate black and white porcelain Shaggy Inkcap mushroom with tissue paper gills.
Dripping with Swarovski and glass bead "ink" from the cap, and adorned with smatterings of sequins, glitter, and Swarovski crystals, the underside of the mushroom glitters magically when the lights are turned on.
It has 6 LED lights in the base, and gives off a warm light.

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The mushroom is nestled in a bed of moss, leaves, sticks and a variety of dried flora. You will also find some faux fur and a real snail shell.
Real, miniscule yellow lichen bowls can be seen dotted at the base of the mushroom's stem.

Standing at approx 28cm tall and is 14.5cm width at the base, this is a substantial sized piece. It is battery operated and takes 2 x AA batteries (which are included.)

Due to the extreme delicate nature of this item, I am only offering it within the UK.
Also happy for the buyer to collect from South London.