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Jellyfish Jar

Jellyfish Jar

Understated and beautiful, this tall glass jar with a thick cork topper holds three hanging jellyfish. Each is handmade from porcelain and every single tendril has been individually curled.

Two of the jellyfish are decorated with 24-karat gold leaf and they all have beautiful mixed media tendrils, including faux pearls and glass crystals.

This piece would make such a unique item to add to curio collection, or be a wonderful gift for the nature lover in your life.

The cork removes from the bottle, lifting the jellyfish along with it.
To post this item I'd wrap the bottle and the cork with the jellyfish, seperately.
Each jellyfish would be individually wrapped (yet still attached to the cork stopper) to prevent the tentacles becoming knotted.
You'd just unwrap each jellyfish and lower them all into the jar.

The item measures approximately 27cm x 8.5cm